training solutions

Following types training is carried out to all the security personal.

  • Basic Induction Training.
  • On The Job Training.
  • Refresher Training.
  • Specialized Training

Basic Induction Training

After a strict selection keeping in view the minimum education qualification and standards as per the policy of the companies all personal are put through basic training for 5 days where they are taught and frilled for discipline, behavior / manners and basic security duties by our qualified training staff.

On The Job Training

After the basic training security personal are detailed for to a unit/establishment where he is given “on the job training” for 7 days by training officer .Field officer and supervisor of the area where he is taught about the duties at a particular place/post.

Refresher Training

All the security personnel are put to refresher training after 6 months of duty where the informed and updated about new developments in security and industry. Their memories are refreshed by the training staff.

Specialized Training

Decision makers and some highly secret and sensitive areas are vulnerable, to various threats .if the clients desires that man should be specially trained for this ,a high security oriented training as per the clients requirement to meet any type of unforeseen circumstances is also given to men.